ghostStrap - A minimalist and responsive Bootstrap theme for the Ghost blogging platform

Upon setting up my Ghost blog, I wanted a themewhich was compatible with Bootstrap as I’m familiar with the layout and it’s rock solid in terms of responsive design. I was surprised to find that either the Bootstrap themes was really old and out of date or were way over the top and not a good starting point to add my touches.

This pushed me to design ghostStrap which can easily be used as a starting point for anyone wanting to create a theme using the Bootstrap standard.


Some commands may need sudo

  1. From the root of your Ghost install: cd content/themes/
  2. git clone
  3. Restart Ghost
  4. Visit the admin panel: http://localhost:2368/ghost
  5. Select General
  6. Select ghostStrap from the Theme dropdown
  7. Have fun

Please leave a comment if you use the theme or have any feedback.



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