Bauhinia Health and Wellness - naturopathy Australian Bush Flower Natural Remedies and Crystals

Bauhinia Health & Wellness Vibrational Australian Bush Flower and gem essences support the subtle energy field of the body, working on the mental, emotional and spiritual conditions we hold onto.

These remedies help shift the negative thought patterns and beliefs we can get stuck in, & bring harmony and balance to our lives.

Simply apply 7 drops onto the tongue when needed.

Australian Bush Flower Remedies

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Calm the Farm - Natural stress relief

Golden Slumbers - For Sleep & Relaxation

Business Time - Passion & Intimacy

Make It Rain - Create the life you desire

Run The World - Empowerment & Balance

New Moon - Manifest with the moon

Full Moon - Release what holds you back

Born This Way - Bespoke remedy for your birth chart

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