Introducing miniPaaS - A mini push-to-deploy PaaS platform

miniPaaS is a tiny push-to-deploy PaaS platform allowing you to simply push code to your server quickly and easily. Check it out on NPM.

With miniPaaS you simply run the following commands to push code to your server:

  1. git add .
  2. git commit -m "my commit message"
  3. minipaas deploy

You code will then be packaged up, pushed to your server and your application is restarted.

miniPaaS uses pm2 on the server to manage the process and auto restarting on errors.

Installing miniPaaS is so so easy:

Local machine:

npm install minipaas -g

Remote server

You can install these individually by using the following commands (skip anything which is already installed):


  • Install Nodejs: curl -sL | sudo -E bash - && apt-get install nodejs
  • Install Unzip: apt-get install unzip
  • Install PM2: npm install pm2 -g


  • Install Nodejs: curl --silent --location | bash - && yum -y install nodejs
  • Install Unzip: yum install unzip
  • Install PM2: npm install pm2 -g

miniPaaS is currently in BETA. Any feedback or bug reports you can provide to make it better would be greatly appreciated -