restyb - A smart database, for smarter data

restyb is a smart database with a RESTful API which can be used from any application or code. When your data changes in your database, restyb can trigger Emails or Webhooks to other applications and services. This allows your to send welcome emails to new customers, move data between systems, post to social media or other big services using IFTTT or Zapier.

Why did I do it?

I often found myself in a situation where I wanted to trigger events when data was created or changed in my database. Eg: I wanted to add new customers to my mailchimp newsletters and my billing software to easily manager their monthly billing. This is great but you have to create integrations from your software to achieve this. With restyb this can all be done with no code and a few clicks using our Webhooks and a service like IFTTT or Zapier.

How easy is it?

Because restyb uses an easy to use and well documented RESTful API, it can be used in any code or application which can make a HTTP request. This means, you can use restyb from anything from a mobile application to a website or desktop application.

Adding a new user in Node.js code

If you want to see more or try it out, you can signup for free at: