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A light weight blogging platform built on Node.js and Express. The antlers platform is designed to have all the necessary features to get a blog up and running, with minimal fuss and beautiful clean design throughout. Best of all, it's free!

antlers allows for easy templating (themes) using the Handlebars templating engine and includes a few themes out of the box.

To get an idea of how your blog will look, take a look around! This blog is powered by antlers.


Using: npm



  1. Install Node.js for your relevant server - There is a nice guide here:
  2. Download antlers from here:
  3. Extract the files and enter the directory via Command/Terminal
  4. Run npm install as an administrator (eg: sudo might be required)
  5. Then start the blog using node app.js
  6. You're done! You can then view the blog by opening http://localhost:3333 in a browser


You can enter the admin panel of your newly created blog by visiting the following URL in your browser: http://localhost:3333/admin. The default user login is: [email protected] and password is: password1. After logging in, you can change the email (username) and password using the "Users" menu.

Feel free to report any bugs on GitHub and give any feedback/suggestions by commenting below.