helpkb - An open-source and easy to use knowledge base / FAQ

helpkb is a superfast and easy to use knowledge base / FAQ to help your customers get the info they need, when they need it most. It's been proven that empowering your customers and staff to self serve and access information quickly and easily will b

Bauhinia Health and Wellness - naturopathy Australian Bush Flower Natural Remedies and Crystals

Bauhinia Health & Wellness Vibrational Australian Bush Flower and gem essences support the subtle energy field of the body, working on the mental, emotional and spiritual conditions we hold onto. These remedies help shift the negative thought pattern

taxily - An Australian Income Tax, Net Pay, Superannuation and Savings calculator

taxily allows you to calculate your Australian annual Income, Net pay, Superannuation and Savings with a few simple inputs using the official ATO tax rates. Once you've entered your income and your income cycle you will get a beautiful report showin

Deploying your Next.js website without any downtime

In an ideal world, you'd build your Next.js app locally, check it works then deploy the built app to your production server. Sometimes you just want to deploy your Next.js website on the server and not build locally as stated above. To do this we are

Setup Wifi and SSH on Raspberry Pi without a monitor

Setting up Wifi and SSH on a Raspberry Pi can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Luckily Raspberry Pi Imager has made things simple with a new config panel to setup before writing the image. Download Raspberry Pi Imager here Install Raspberry Pi Imager

squido - A dead simple no-code static HTML website builder

squido is a dead simple static website builder which can be hosted anywhere for super fast static HTML websites and very little effort. The advantage of squido is that is has all the basics to build and deploy a static website built into the core. Th

Advantages and disadvantages of a static html website vs a complex dynamic website

What is a static website? A static website is comprised entirely of HTML, CSS and Javascript code. In the past static websites were coded by hand but now there are a few builder tools which can compile and build a static website for you. Advantages

A dead simple module for storing and managing your environment variables in a simple and easy to read yaml file

Managing your environment variable in your different environments can be a pain. The idea behind envz is that this process is made super simple and easy to understand leading to less mistakes. # with npm npm install envz # or with Yarn yarn add envz

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