squido - A dead simple no-code static HTML website builder

squido is a dead simple static website builder which can be hosted anywhere for super fast static HTML websites and very little effort. The advantage of squido is that is has all the basics to build and deploy a static website built into the core. Th

Advantages and disadvantages of a static html website vs a complex dynamic website

What is a static website? A static website is comprised entirely of HTML, CSS and Javascript code. In the past static websites were coded by hand but now there are a few builder tools which can compile and build a static website for you. Advantages

A dead simple module for storing and managing your environment variables in a simple and easy to read yaml file

Managing your environment variable in your different environments can be a pain. The idea behind envz is that this process is made super simple and easy to understand leading to less mistakes. # with npm npm install envz # or with Yarn yarn add envz

Visual Studio Code helpful snippets

If you are using VS Code its a huge shame if you aren't making use of the amazingly helpful snippets feature. Setting up snippets is easy as: Mac Preferences > User Snippets > Select a file or create a new one Windows File > Preferences > User Snippe

Interface with Arduino board using Node.Js

There are many cheap and solid Arduino compatible boards on the market which can be interfaced/controlled using Node.Js. Today we are going to focus on the WeMos D1 R2 board which can be purchased here. This guide assumes you know your way around No

La Marzocco - Machine Vector Art & logos

La Marzocco Linea Mini (SVG) La Marzocco GS3 (SVG) Logos

Ghost - You are recommended to have at least 150 MB of memory available

Sometimes running Ghost on lower powered server like a Digital Ocean $5 droplet can cause the Ghost CLI to complain about lack of memory: Message: You are recommended to have at least 150 MB of memory available for smooth operation. It looks like you

Bank Loan repayment and interest calculator

Ever wanted to calculate the repayments on a loan? Ever wanted to know how much interest you will pay over the term of your loan? You are not alone! We have created a very simple and beautiful loan calculator so you can quickly and easily see these f

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