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openKB - Open Source Nodejs Markdown based knowledge base (FAQ) app

openKB is an open source Markdown based Knowledge base application (FAQ) built with Nodejs and ExpressJS. The application uses an embedded database (nedb) for easy installation without a full Database server.The application is designed to be easy to

Ensure Express App has started before running Mocha/Supertest tests

Seems simple enough but when running tests, I ran into a problem where Mocha/Supertest was not waiting for my Express App to fully start running tests.The relatively easy way to overcome this is to use an event emitter in your Express app and wait

Nodejs - Re-use MongoDB database connection in routes

Quite often when you are writing an application you will need access to one or more database connections. Maybe MongoDB for data storage and Redis for cache. You will need to re-use that database connection throughout your application. I'm going to