fun_plug install Mediatomb on dns-320

Mediatomb is apparently pre-installed.. It doesn't seem to be on my NAS.

The easiest way to install Mediatomb is via Optware.

To install Optware you simply need to run:

# wget
# chmod a+x /ffp/start/
# /ffp/start/ start

You can then install Mediatomb by running:

# /opt/bin/ipkg install mediatomb

Then copy the Mediatomb startup script to "start":

# cp /opt/etc/init.d/mediatomb /ffp/start/

Then set the correct permissions on the " file:

# chmod a+x /ffp/start/

You need to change one of the Mediatomb configs to allow autostart:

# vi /opt/etc/default/mediatomb

Ensure MT_ENABLE=true

You can now start Mediatomb by:

# sh /ffp/start/ start

You can now browse Mediatomb via the Web Interface:


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