ezyFAQ An easy-to-use yet beautiful and powerful FAQ/Knowledge base

ezyFAQ is a very powerful yet affordable solution to setup a FAQ/knowledge base without all the complexities (and cost) of Zendesk and other solutions. Studies have shown that most customers would much prefer to quickly find the solution themselves r

Writing your first Node.js module

This isn't meant to be an exhaustive guide on how to write an NPM module. This guide is meant to be a simple working example where you can see a basic working module and easily adapt this to create your own module. You can see the basic structure is

Ensure Express App has started before running Mocha/Supertest tests

Seems simple enough but when running tests, I ran into a problem where Mocha/Supertest was not waiting for my Express App to fully start running tests. The relatively easy way to overcome this is to use an event emitter in your Express app and wait f

markdownTables - Convert your HTML tables into Markdown syntax online

markdownTables is an online tool which enables you to paste in your HTML table code and convert it to Markdown table syntax. markdownTables

authorStats - Get your NPM package download statistics in an easy to read command line table

authorStats fetches your daily/weekly/monthly download stats for all your authored NPM packages and outputs a nice table right in your command line. Installation It's best to install the package globally: npm install author-stats -g Usage authorStats

expressCart - A Nodejs Shopping Cart application

expressCart is a Shopping Cart built with Nodejs and ExpressJS. The application has PayPal Express Checkout, Stripe checkout and Authorise.Net built-in. expressCart uses MongoDB database backend. The application is designed to be easy to use and inst

ghostStrap - A minimalist and responsive Bootstrap theme for the Ghost blogging platform

Upon setting up my Ghost blog, I wanted a themewhich was compatible with Bootstrap as I'm familiar with the layout and it's rock solid in terms of responsive design. I was surprised to find that either the Bootstrap themes was really old and out of d

How to add search functionality to your Ghost blog

Adding search to your Ghost blog is relatively simple but requires a small amount of skill to edit your theme files. You can see how search works on the homepage of this blog. First of all, you need to turn on the Ghost Public API (which by default i