The best free blog software

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Fortunately there are a lot of options for free software to host your shiny new blog. You have definitely heard about Wordpress but is it the best option? Well in my option.. no, it's not.

Sure Wordpress has all the bells and whistles with plugins for just about everything but they generally take your website from a blog to a shopping cart or CMS etc. You need to ask yourself, do I really need this stuff? If the answer is no and you just need a blog then Ghost is the way to go.

Ghost allows you to quickly and easily setup a beautiful and powerful blog within minutes. There is a cloud hosted option (cost) or a free host your own option.

Best of all, Ghost is powerful but not vulnerable and requiring updates every 10 minutes for the 50 Wordpress plugins you have installed.

So next time you are looking for some blogging software, give Ghost a go!

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