St George Bank WooCommerce Plugin for IPG Hosted Payment Page (HPP)

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A St.George Bank IPG Hosted Payment Page (HPP) plugin for WooCommerce. This plugin will allow you to accept payments via your St.George Bank online Merchant Account using your WooCommerce shopping cart

Download the module here.

Here are the steps to install the module:

  1. Extract the contents of to: \wp-content\plugins\
  2. Login to WordPress and install the St.George Bank WooCommerce Plugin via the Plugins Menu
  3. Go to the WooCommerce > Settings via the left menu
  4. Click the Checkout tab
  5. Click on St.George Bank link at the top of the page.
  6. Click Enable St.George Bank checkbox
  7. Fill in the desired Title and Description which is shown when the user checks out in WooCommerce
  8. Copy the Response URL and past this link on the St.George Merchant Administration Console
  9. Enter the Gateway URL which is obtained via the St.George Merchant Administration Console > Payment Page Options > URL
  10. Save the changes and test a payment via your WooCommerce site.
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