expressCart - A Nodejs Shopping Cart application

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expressCart is a Shopping Cart built with Nodejs and ExpressJS. The application has PayPal Express Checkout, Stripe checkout and Authorize.Net built-in. expressCart uses MongoDB database backend.

The application is designed to be easy to use and install and based on search for simplicity rather than nested categories. Simply search for what you want and select from the results. expressCart uses powerful lunr.js to index the products and enable the best search results.




  • Payments: expressCart has built in PayPal Express Checkout or Stripe checkout.
  • Search: expressCart is a search based Shopping Cart backed by Lunr.js indexing to create the best possible results on searches.
  • Backend: expressCart uses MongoDB for a database.
  • Design: expressCart has a simple flat and responsive design.
  • Responsive: expressCart is built using Bootstrap, allowing it to be responsive and work on all devices.
  • Themes: expressCart allows for custom themes to style the cart exactly how you like it.


Homepage: Homepage

Admin manage settings: Admin manage settings

Popout cart: Popout cart

Dashboard: Dashboard

Running in production

Using PM2 is the easiest and best option for running production websites. See the PM2 for more information or a short guide here:

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