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Winterboard theme iOS9 common Bundle ID / Icon list

Common App Bundle ID list (case sensitive)These are used in your mytheme.theme/Bundles folder.App NameBundle

How to change the post excerpt length in your Ghost theme

Changing the post excerpt length (teaser text) of your theme is relatively simple. You will need to edit the /content/themes/mytheme/partials/loop.hbsWhen opening your loop.hbs file you will see code like the this:You can change the default Casper

How to change the post excerpt of your Ghost theme to HTML

The Casper theme by default has an excerpt with all HTML tags / formatting removed. You can change this in your theme by editing the /content/themes/mytheme/partials/loop.hbs file of your theme.In the loop.hbs file you will see:{% raw %}{{excerpt

ghostStrap - A minimalist and responsive Bootstrap theme for the Ghost blogging platform

Upon setting up my Ghost blog, I wanted a themewhich was compatible with Bootstrap as I'm familiar with the layout and it's rock solid in terms of responsive design. I was surprised to find that either the Bootstrap themes was really old and out of